Graduate profile

Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Natural Sciences will have acquired solid and up-to- date knowledge in one of the terminal areas of the Program, with the skills and abilities to:

1. Develop original and frontier research in the areas of Evolutionary Biology, Natural Resource Conservation and Biotechnology.
2. Identify problems and contribute to their solution in the environmental, agricultural and health sectors.
3. Ability to train human resources through teaching and mentoring.
4. Train and direct research groups in the area of Natural Sciences.
5. Spread the knowledge generated through scientific articles, books, academic meetings, among others.


Graduation requirements

1. Cover the credits established in the curriculum.
2. Perform an original research work.
3. Pass the pre-doctoral examination.
4. Have an article accepted or published in an indexed journal and with impact factor, including the results obtained in the thesis. The student must be the first author and give credit to the Doctoral Program in Natural Sciences.
5. Complete the administrative procedures established by the UAEM.
6. Present in oral and written form the results of the thesis and obtain a passing grade from the board.